About Airplane Jumper: Geronimo Joe Gem Catcher ©2011

Welcome to the Geronimo Joe “about” page! Geronimo Joe was born from the mind of Jason Goodman’s Son Joseph, who is 6 years old and has Autism! The Goodmans live in Colorado and are always striving to help their Son Joseph attain his dreams. After listening to his Son describe a game that “Daddy should put on his iPhone”, Jason decided to sell his hot rod he has wanted since he was 13 years old, and OWNED for the past 3 years (FINALLY!) and use the money from his hot rod to make Geronimo Joe! Please download the game and enjoy! Also, very soon the first update will be coming and after that, MAJOR revisions are going to take place including some very secret additions to the game, such as different levels, worlds and more personal and interactive equipment for “purchase” in the Geronimo Joe store by either gathering gems or by using real money to buy gems! Enjoy and don’t forget to Make the Jump, and Defy Gravity!


Feel free to send us a message or if you have complaints or even an idea for the game, we would love to know!